The alarm clock…

“at any given moment we have two options; to step forward into growth or to step back into safety”

Abraham Maslow

Change evolves when we reach a level of discomfort we are no longer willing to accept. At the risk of sounding redundant to endless advice out there about change, it remains the catalyst for working happier. As we hit the snooze button for the third time reality sets in. If their is a struggle to rise and shine for the work we have committed to doing, asking the question, ‘what can we I do to make this better’ is an ideal question to ask.

Here is straightforward help on that mile marker… What if you started the work day in a way you had never done before? It could be a conversation with someone who has a skill that you admire or even need for your work…a face to face 5 minute conversation with a leader or colleague (open the mind, and have the conversation with someone available that you have had limited contact with in the past). Talk something of interest. Walk the floor or the cubicle; take a different path to the desk and say hello. The key here is to navigate uncharted territory, make it a deliberate effort and take a step into the unknown. This takes limited time to connect to someone and is low risk….but is change in its simplest form.

Change…not unlike many human characteristics, is tough and tougher for some. If you do have a tendency toward introverted behavior this may be well past your comfort zone. By taking this deliberate step on a regular basis, you have now set an example; you’ve made a statement by a change in behavior. The huge benefit is you have created a new norm for yourself. Have a cup of coffee or tea and reflect on the efforts, it is an important part of the transition.

The answer to the employee engagement question in the initial post…according to the consistent data collection effort over the last 15 years from Gallup, is 32%. There is much opportunity to grow our workplaces.





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