Leonardo da Vinci & motivation

“One can have no smaller or greater understanding then the understanding of oneself”

leonardo da vinci

There is infinite information available today on motivation at work. You can take a range of free to expensive popular tests, get advice on answering motivation questions in interviews or attend how-to seminars designed for managers in an attempt to make individuals more productive.

Exploring the idea I went to thesaurus.com typed in ‘motivation’ and discovered a new synonym; read on.

Leaonardo da Vinci never went to a university. What he did have was the beginning of the technological revolution and the fire storm of ideas in infancy; it was all new in the written word. It is said that Leonardo read continually and wrote some 7000 pages of notebooks in his life time. His endless discovery, inventions, artistry and wisdom developed as he was motivated by innovation. He was miles ahead of his time, he was authentic and highly motivated.

As human individuals we are all motivated by something. Those somethings don’t lay dormant while we spend 8 or more hours a day at work. Money (not to confuse need to eat and pay the electric bill) for the desire to have the upper crust of material excellence, prestige in climbing the gold plated rungs of the career ladder and finally power/control of whatever there is a need to have power and control over, are those that have become the norms in the work environment today.

Dare to think and go past those motivations of the competitive corporate world; they have become unhealthily far too common.  What is our internal motivation and how does it impact how we do the meaningful parts of our jobs? It doesn’t matter if you are a corporate attorney, driving a truck, working at a call center, a hard working waitress or coaching a professional sports team. Your authentic self, equipped with your motivation are going to create a much improved version of the workplace and experience greater reward where you will spend 33% of your life.

It’ a great place to start with your counterparts, coworkers, employees, team members; the communication, connection, the opening of doors and windows to your motivation. New possibilities when you get past the status quo. The new synonym is wave-maker. Doesn’t need to be a tidal wave; but just imagine the pleseant sound a wave makes on the sand.

Work happy…..


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