The heart of the matter

I interrupt the previously planned post from workplace-renovation for a special event…

…tonight I had the pleasure of witnessing first hand… collaboration, creativity, passion, hope and motivation through sheer hard work. I was made a part of it with a treasured invitation……

‘only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go’

T.S. Eliot

It was the opening night celebration for a small collective of entrepreneurs who came together creating a gift as well as setting an example for their community by painstakingly building relationships, sculpting objects from raw materials and integrating ideas into a stunning display of art. The large picture windows on the building front tell the visual story larger than life in the central down town location. Their hard work was displayed beautifully.

There is a much greater message than the artistic mediums they chose; these business owners have taken the risk. While we hear that comment with some repetitive ho-hum, I challenge anyone to dig deeper and understand what that truly means. In reality they challenged themselves to make a difference with a strategy, a plan and actions to go where they had not gone before. They also took that opportunity collaboratively and without hidden agendas; transparency without hesitation.

There is No greater example of stamina and motivation….approach risks with pride and like you have a personal, all encompassing investment in its outcome…..

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