The Brooklyn and The Golden Gate

The common denominator is simple; these engineering phenomenas created endless possibility. It made the seemingly impossible, possible.

“the Golden Gate Bridge offers enduring proof that humans can alter the world with reverence” Kevin Starr

Built in 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge has inspired more artistic genius than any other icon in the United States. Master artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe, Andy Warhol, playright Arthur Miller and poet Jack Kerouac often times made the monument the focus of their crafts. Fifty years later The Golden Gate Bridge was the nations next command performance. 1933 the image of the red orange towers seemingly emerging from thick fog that rolled into San Francisco Bay. And oddly enough not only did they both close gaps between cities and land that would be crucial for survival, growth and development, but the bridges were linked in that the critical cables they were constructed from were the same, made by the same company.

Not unlike the examples above, building bridges answers many of the questions, provides viable solutions and resolves challenges that surface daily. How do we do that as humanity? very effective way, we make our team or organization members who are at unrest a priority. We need to recognize when to stop the show, have respect for the person that has the relentless rock in their shoe and allow them to vent, or just put it out on the table. It may be an aggravation/a rough day, a seemingly crazy idea, or it could be an apology or optimistic feedback. Does this always lead down the road to a great success or epiphany? No, but it does send a solid message of respect and inclusion. At worst it will take a little time out of your day to validate a coworker. At best, it will begin an ice berg type dialogue, where you will realize there is endless hidden opportunity.

Monumental potential in building bridges; we know what it can do..consider taking that 15 minutes, as it quite possibly could lead the day towards remarkable and be the best time you’ve spent this year. Most importantly if you get off the hamster wheel to tell someone with your actions that what they have to say matters, then you have started building the connection to the other side.

“You can’t understand the significance of it all until you walk The Brooklyn Bridge” unknown

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