….but we’ve always done it this way..

These are some of the most painful words in a workplace in this century.

“Lets make a dent in the universe”.

Steve Jobs 

No business can afford ordinary in 2016; or for going forward. Progress is moving at a hyper-speed pace and if we have ‘always done it this way’ we best be working hard now at how we can do it better tomorrow for survival. If you are seeking growth, it must be closely maintained and cultivated meaning that it must be afforded the time and resources to be beneficial.

The use of these words by any employee or leader are a direct result of a struggling work environment. It is directly related to cultural norms. When there is public, open resistance to change it is a big bold red flag.

Innovation…while being the buzz word everywhere (in biz, education, medicine) what does it really mean and how do we make the cultural shift? It begins with the mindset of leadership and the strategy of the company; whether that company is 3 or 150k. If our leaders are not promoting risk taking, there will not be active participation in that action. Imperative that it is modeled; setting examples.

MAKE A VISUAL and VERBAL STATEMENT in your workplace for the perpetual need for new opportunity first, and follow it with a clear message soliciting for ideas for change. Test different tools that will work to collect the ideas. It’s got to be something that the someone’s in the environment actually want to do.

Now the tough part...When it becomes a standard practice, there will be craziness and chaos. The key is to make dialogue/decisions a habit over theses ideas; that’s why project managers invented agile meetings. The industry norm for process and product improvement is to invest 11% of our work hours for that effort. There is a waterfall effect to this as a return on investment….Make it meaningful…lean practices and improvements will develop organically.

One thought on “….but we’ve always done it this way..

  1. Bill says:

    A mantra we’ve all heard. But Amy says it well, if we’re not changing we are probably dying. And this goes for many areas of life; work, personal development, spiritual, relationships, and more. Guess it’s time to work on changing…and it is work!


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