moments of brilliance

We all have them………….now, what do you do with them?

If a moment of brilliance goes unspoken, is it still a nugget of fabulousness? What happens if we don’t share the moment…Is it a fallen tree in the forest that no one heard?….

Fear of appearing crazy, or wrong, misguided and silly is mega powerful. So what is a driving force for the ability to speak openly and with purpose when we are at work and with those we have spent hundreds of hours with?

This is all about acceptance. If we feel we can speak and communicate without painful consequences, judgement or if we ourselves can welcome honest feedback, then those moments of brilliance are diamonds. And yes, on the flip side there will always be those individuals, the perpetual skeptics, the ones you have at best a luke warm connection and are the reason you are even more hesitant about speaking up.

The real challenge is to accept those differences and work at developing the internal strength/maturity to be able to see, but to get past the quirky, uncomfortable obstacles. Moving on these actions are a big bold effort to conquer our fear…great moments of brilliance don’t materialize from ones comfort zone; they are cultivated through critical thought and are the essential ingredients for progress. It may be a moment in its natural state; polished to its full potential by the team.

Recognize and value your moments, but value the moments of others…

“It is in moments of brilliance that our destiny is shaped” Steve Jobs

2 thoughts on “moments of brilliance

  1. Bill says:

    And we are not always the best person to determine if our ideas are brilliant or not. At times, what we consider brilliant will fall on deaf ears or hit the ground like a large clod of dirt, while at other times, what we consider to be that clod of dirt will prove to be a shining diamond or star in someone’s dark night.

    We just need the courage to speak up and contribute and let the clods fall where they may.


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