It hangs in the air and causes confusion for the cranium. Fog is a total game changer and when it wafts into a space all bets are off. We lose perspective.

Millions of us suffer metaphorically from it every day. In a workspace that could be a cubicle, a restaurant, a laptop, a retail store, a construction site or hospital, fog creeps in a consuming way. The unknowns of what may or may not exist in the misty opaque mass, are impacting our efforts. We second guess, lose focus, we reach out to clear the way, question what we can’t see, rumors blossom and covert conversations develop; fog creates illusions. We are depleted of our precious time trying to figure it out.

Enter stage right, the leaders of our workplaces; or the entrepreneur that must wear the leadership hat amongst many.   If one aspires to be a leader, then clearing the fog is the logical priority for people and the right thing to do. Ensuring that the members of the organization know what is out there, what may be in harms’ way; what is real and what isn’t is communication at its finest. Are there land mines, are there opportunities, can you see for miles? Concealing the nasty storm brewing ahead is sabotage fog for the biz. Honesty, clarity and a forecast direct from the leaders to support the energies of the members is paramount for respect and for productivity.

Clearing the organizationational communication and visibility fog is a necessity all of the time. Great leaders are committed to this philosophy, and it makes the profound difference in biz success.

As beyond the fog lies clarity…….

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