?’s for the universe

A new spin on the subject of going to work..

In the past days I have shared a few epiphanies on the disconnects of what I see everyday that generate those ‘I’ve gotten to work, sitting in my car, but I need motivation to walk in the door’ thoughts and to work with people you may wish would find employment elsewhere.

Not another survey. We do need those surveys to extract data from the masses; to build spreadsheets, to study, collect answers from large audiences and to prove arguments for professors. The up/down sides to those Likert scales is fitting in someone else’s frame work. You can target answers with close ended question but you can’t capture the passions of the human race; no stories, and no painting of someone’s canvas that way. You can’t arrive at the feeling of the subject matter with a traditional survey. And no this is not fluffy, view it as a little reality check as we are all human and have a story.

This is a critical puzzle piece to why we don’t have harmony, why we don’t want to get out of the car and why we need to work smarter at communicating with our counterparts. We are way out of balance on the scale with the humanity and task pieces of our jobs. We’ve got a lot of national and global employee engagement data that says there is no shortage of opportunity.

I extend an invitation to answer the questions or offer a comment and I am happy to respond; these are also open ended questions for your thoughts with the added benefit of possibly seeing your workplace from a little different angle. The questions were designed to use for all job roles and workplaces.

Work happier……Amy

A great place to start investing energy into reviving the culture. The questions are below..

a. Choose a single word that represents your workplace.

b. Meeting outside of work builds connections; what social plans do you make with work counterparts off hours?

c. How or are you encouraged to bring new ideas to the table?

How do you collect and work through the ideas?

d. How does your organization address or promote process/product/people improvement activities?
(Example: the org or leadership sets aside time specifically for making improvements)

e. Training opportunities to learn/improve skills are vital to to the health of the business and its people.

What training opportunities have been available?

What was/is of value?

f. What is working for you In your internal work environment?

What isn’t working?

g. What are your thoughts on being recognized for your work?
(examples: ‘no public recognition please’, ‘it’s not often enough’ or this is an opportunity to share ideas)

One thought on “?’s for the universe

  1. Bill says:

    Hey Amy, taking your survey, and here are my responses:
    a. single word –
    b. social plans – none
    c. new ideas – yes, discuss and integrate
    d. address improvement – granting opportunities to explore and enlarge
    e. training opportunities – you name it and it’s available. For me the 70 in 70-20-10 to engage and explore and research on my own
    f. working in environment – managing my own tasks
    g. recognized – different strokes for different folks. For me, opportunities to contribute to the greater “Boeing” and be recognized by those inside and outside of area of expertise.

    Hope you find meaning and interpretation that contributes to your own meaning.


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