the changing of the mind…..

‘Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their mind, will not be changing anything’          

George Bernard Shaw

It begins with the internal motivation;  a craving for  different, a need for forward momentum. After hours of researching on what’s new out there on change, while I learned new morsels on the subject, the effort quickly  became repetitive and mundane.  “How to Implement Change in the Workplace”, “The 7 Keys to change”, ” The 12 Keys to Change”,  “Change Management” “How to Motivate Employees to Change” over and over and over again.

The bottom line is that change begins by changing your mind.  The concept is easy enough, but the action is deliberate effort. Much of the change that we initiate occurs because we have reached a level of pain we are no longer willing to accept.  It’s as simple as taking on something you have resisted doing ….a software you may not understand, a skill that you fear, or initiating  a conversation you’ve always thought about having….or as easy as asking questions about something of interest.

New possibility by shifts in the cranium is what will develop from the effort you invest in removing the boundaries.  Addressing problems, dilemmas, or work related ideas like you did 10 years ago will take you in the express lane headed to frustration. By the inability to recalibrate your thinking, you will consistently achieve less than past experiences from the same status quo thinking and actions.

Toss the box, think like you’ve never thought before…..the first steps to changing your mind.




One thought on “the changing of the mind…..

  1. Bill says:

    You are right on, Amy. Change is all around us. In fact, someone has said something to the effect that when you stop changing you stop living. Change may not be something we like, but we better get used to it, because it ain’t about to stop. A great book, even if it is kind of old, is entitled “Teaching as a Subversive Activity” where the authors talk about the rate of change, and what teachers need to do is to teach students to think instead of simply memorize facts which are outdated by the time they graduate. Good for all of us. Thanks for the reminder Amy, that we need to embrace change…at least a little.


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