I love my job?

How do you get there; you know that place where we can say going to work everyday is an accomplishment, a place to look forward to, worthy of our skill, knowledge, education and most importantly time. Are we working to earn dollars or are we looking to make a difference for our selves and the workplace?

In the movie Internship (Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn), two older, stagnant and careerless guys stumble upon an opportunity to be selected for a coveted job at Google through an internship program.  What happens in this movie makes an important statement about culture, generational differences, how technology has evolved and thrown us into an uber thunder storm of evolution. Ultimately the movie sends a moving message in the importance of generational connections, relationships and how to get past some tough obstacles to meld old and new capabilities, building bonds. It is equally about diligence taking risk and making change.

Noting the importance of our individual contribution; lead from where you are on the angle and approach we take. I know that in many instances it has taken discipline to resist speaking my mind and while transparency in communication is always a priority, moving with tact and respect will pave over some nasty potholes. Be a voice and contributor at your workplace. They need your input.

Data is perpetually collected from prestigious, reliable resources . You can gain insight and history on nearly everything job related; best places to work, news, complaints,  strategy, earnings, employee perks, salary and even internal culture.  Thanks to technology you can access all of the details; even what others are saying.  This information is nearly always available and accessible to anyone whether it be a gas station chain or a financial institution. You most likely already know all of this; the point here is we can stay informed, be smart about where we spend our time and educated on what is taking place around the job place…..or the job hopeful place.

Create the plan to love your job….even if it means making the change..





One thought on “I love my job?

  1. Bill says:

    “I love my job?” Isn’t that the question we ask ourselves more often than not. When you wake up in the morning, if you are like a lot of people, you probably ask, “Do I go to work today, or do I call in sick,, or do I turn in my resignation because this job really sucks?”

    Yes, a lot of us struggle with loving the job, making it meaningful, having a civil tongue while communicating, and a lot more. Bu Amy has hit on some important to remember, each of us has something to contribute to the job, to the organization, to the people around us. Despite what the generational differences might be.

    Amy has reminded me of another movie say not long ago title “The Intern” with Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway. He, a 60+ retiree, decides to take on an internship in a start-up company where Anne Hathaway is a 20 something aggressive, CEO. As might guess, they each teach other something and the company benefits as well.

    So remember, you do have something to contribute even on those days when you feel like calling in sick. Thanks for the reminder Amy.


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