A new light….


Discontent is the first necessity of progress….

Thomas A Edison


Earlier posts were about opportunity and challenge for self reflection but for anyone and/or everyone to look at the workplace in a new & different way. …read on

I recently went to the local home store to buy lightbulbs. What I found on the shelves were a massive selection of bulbs of an overwhelming variety. So I could have exited the store with the standard 60 watt bulb that has been available since the 50’s. It may have lasted a few months. What difference would that have made? A light that satisfied a basic need, meeting my previous expectations. It would have provided me the ability to light a space; no frills, no questions, with the same characteristics, and an unknown life expectancy. We go to work with the same frame of mind.

Why would I want new energy, a new look, new life or light?

Rewind to Brockton Massachusetts, August 1883….Thomas Edison created an electrical power phenomena by painstakingly developing the epitome of engineering marvels. Not without trials, tribulations and failures. He created the first functional home/business indoor electrical system. The three wire design, (110 and eventually, added 220) was a profound breakthrough. The point here is that he was the creator of the core of our modern electrical system and …the light bulb for the shedding of new light and providing a brighter future for us all . The possibility has just gained momentum since his years of discovery; those of which we take for granted when we enter a darkened space.  Edison was the visionary and equally important he didn’t lay on the sofa after all of his hard work..he just kept moving forward.

Buy the ‘soft white’, natural light, or the 17 year life lightbulb, maybe the one that looks unique; or the crystal clear ones that are being beautifully modeled today after the 1883 Edison original. Gain new perspective simply by looking at light in a new way. Had he not pursued possibility, we would not be in the same place today. Thomas Edison, 1093  US patents later, didn’t settle for conventional.

Anyone can challenge themselves to gain understanding from a different angle, focus, light, or attitude and sum up a situation. Below is a basic time friendly analysis tool that can be utilized for those promoting open minds and implementing change to the workplace. This analysis tool is useful for team leaders, all levels of leadership, facilitators, the small business owner;  those wanting to gain insight into the fundamental health of a group or small organizations culture and potential. It is also beneficial for the entrepreneurs needing support to build teams, create internally healthy businesses and build connections with people. Present each segment and encourage the group to read the statements, gaining consensus on one answer per. Share the analysis questions and the results with the participating groups; it is a learning experience and the transparency will create your foundation for change building trust. There are few limitations; it is recommended to document results/notes for reflection, and the analysis can be repeated at intervals (for example, it could be completed quarterly).  It requires a pencil, notebook, legal pad or a notes/word function on any computer. The analysis format is below:

This tool can be used for virtual groups.

1. Climate (select one)-Environment


a. Group/meeting participation is low

b. Group is skeptical

c. Group is randomly asking questions for understanding

d. Group is talkative and engaging in regular conversation

e. Members are collaborative or working as a team


2. Task (select one)- Job Skills/Processes


a. Group is resistant from the topic/project

b. Group requires a clear task direction

c. Group members have technical knowledge/training on subject or task

d. Group is understanding of project tasks and/or addressing problem areas

e. Team is collectively talking about task and solutions


The selections are rated and stair stepped ‘a’ as the lower group maturity level, thru ‘e’ as a cohesive higher performing team. It is segmented into ‘Climate’, the human characteristic piece of the environment and ‘Task’, the work/task piece of the environment. Marrying these two basic ideas can help you to understand the importance of balancing human nature with productivity and where the opportunity for improvements may lie….

How do we move on results? Start with group/team discussions on the selected answers; potential questions ‘what is happening for us to arrive at that answer?’ and ‘how can we change it for the better?’. Allow everyone to offer input, with a voice.

More to come on the subject ….


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