Its an Autumn Sunday morning….its chilly, and you are huddled in the comforter…the coffee pot has started and wafting is the familiar smell of rich java brewing. You know this coveted Sunday promises moments of calm or fun, but as the day progresses those thoughts begin to evolve on the returning ho-hum of another Monday just around the corner.

Why is Monday such a nemeses? An obvious answer that is known to all about not being at your workplace. It also surfaces on your Sunday in the form of a grim reaper lurking in the dirty clothes hamper waiting for the spin cycle renewal of your laundry. Trying to muster yet another dose of motivation that is grossly absent for the ‘Monday’ as the weekend draws to a close.

There are those motivational speakers and self help books that offer advice for attitude modification; ways to cope. Do we just want to react to the effects? What is really happening?  It could be fearsadness, dissatisfaction, performance, fatigue, stress and disappointment.  Some experts suggest starting Monday, on Sunday night. Lots of Internet advice exists out there to create a priority list to tackle the Monday to do’s and brace for impact of Monday events. Psych Central(2016) suggests that Monday depression is a sign for emotional unrest. These remedies are all reactive. We are subconciously anticipating another Monday, then we will deal with the inevitable and we continually revisit & rewind the video for another week.

What if we looked at in new way, consider Monday as a milestone in the creation of new ideas? Not easy when we are so auto pilot programmed to make the way to the top of the task heap somewhere in the deep dark depths of Sunday night.  After a study of conducting one to one conversations with a variety of those in the working world, consensus was that by the onset of Tuesday the majority of participants say they get caught up in actions; lists of stuff that command a motion to do something. Then it becomes the goal to check off those actions and be able to exhale on Friday as the finishline for accomplishing tasks. Same stuff, different date.

What if we started by dedicating parts of Monday for thought, innovation, and to treat our downtime as a refresh?  It’s permission for our minds to innovate versus the cycle that typical Monday can bring. Innovative solutions can become habit and develop in a few weeks time, it will take the self discipline to form your own guidelines and stay focused on innovation all to better your work life.

New ideas created on Monday.…. Entertain the thought of creating a process from an action on the ‘Tuesday’ checklist that may have become a cycle of repetiveness. This will be one less action that requires a weekly future investment of your time. Imagine over a reasonable amount of time what could be accomplished if we developed a smarter way take a close look at our actions. Eventually you will eliminate the mundane and repetitive, paving the way for ideas and innovation. Take the improvement possibility and make a lean analysis.

Be proactive to the stigmas of Monday. Open the mind to the fact it’s quite feasible to enjoy it as the day you have set aside time for your own personal invitation to explore. Charting new territory and finding a new way always eases the pain of the mundane.






One thought on “mOnDaY’s

  1. Bill says:

    Start Monday on Sunday nights…NO! NO! NO! Monday morning is bad enough.

    You are right, Monday is a difficult time for many of us, me included. My thinking, it’s not that I dislike my job so much as it is that I like my personal time, time with friends and family, and weekend activities more. Simple as that.

    I don’t know about your suggestions, Amy. I think I can enjoy it as one more day and week closer to retirement…and all that time to focus on all those other things in my life.

    Thanks for the thoughts though!!


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