the imbalance…

First glance at the title may trigger thoughts of the vogue buzz words ‘work life balance’;  which of course means to find the happy path between your own ‘9-5’ and whatever makes your boat float in your personal life.

No, the  balance I’m talking about is a different angle. This is a challenge to think about the actual place you work; no surprise after multiple blog posts.

The bottom line of thinking about balance at work actually means that you can make your work life better. It would mean that the extremes and intensity of your tasks, deadlines, charts/graphs, marketing, customer service complaints and demands are in direct proportion with your relationships, conversations, face to face interactions; the human connections.

Yes, that’s right… means to get a good grip on priority/equality of tasks and the human factor. Look at as 50/50 equilibrium. As much as process, skill technology is involved in the work, think about the fact that none of the work gets done without the  human factor…all roads lead to our absence of compassion and connection. We are guilty of out prioritizing our greatest assets; people.

Southwest Airlines lives this theory. Their mantra is to never out prioritize people; this includes their own employees and the customers. They do this with a sense of humor and respect. Result? Success, healthy environment, happy people. I invite you to go take a look at their internal cultural history; it is an inspiration.

This is a shift in the way we view work; not for the length of this post, or for tomorrow,  but for the duration of our working lives. Balancing the importance of the human factors and the necessary tasks will ease the stress of working day in and day out. And according to our nations/global crisis in employee engagement we are in need of renovation. You can find the employee engagement data at the Gallup website (Gallup has been measuring employee engagement in our workplaces since 2000). 

Take a look, or a re-look at blog post ‘A new light’ in this blog series. The assement tool I have provided is based on these principles. I offer just a little help along this journey with a tool in the quest for insight and balance.

33% of our lives goes to our work;  if there is balance infused in those hours, minutes and years,  we will be living with so much greater satisfaction and purpose.



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