Something’s missing

There are missing pieces to the puzzle after taking  a critical look at the social media opinions and epiphanies on what employee engagement data from Gallup is telling us. Yes, we remain at 34% or less engaged, having been for far too long, as a nation of people at our jobs where we spend 33% of our lives.  It’s becoming a popular topic. Some of that enthusiasm is artificial and there are misconceptions of what that data is really saying.

As employers are recognizing there is a problem, the advice is building momentum; there are many options for solving the perceived problems; choose from ‘3, 5, 7 or 12 keys to solving lack of engagement’, dozens of publications ‘ lack of effective leadership named as culprit in lack lustre employee engagement’ and some are solving and dismissing it within a one liner about absent productivity (a very 1980’s TQM  heirarchecal moldy statement).

Why are we taking such an antiquated, out dated angle on the people that are at the heart of our business?  We are way past due for thinking, planning and innovating the actions to put our people at the very top of all of our priorities. They are the front and face of all of the effort to make  businesses great.

Many facades in suit and tie where it is painfully obvious that it is focus on the spread sheets and the bonuses tied to them; not about those who are responsible for  putting them in the competition.

Balance it. Talk honestly, fairly, candidly with those who are supporting sustenance and growth. Recognize effort. Forget boundaries from the titles we’ve been labeled by. Step off the  leadership pedestals, level your work environments and be authentic. Collaborate with every employee.

You may have hired them, their opinions, knowledge and experience matter. Do the right thing. The productivity will develop from from the person who is valued. Engagement is eminent when contributions are the priority.


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