..ode to the small business

Entrepreneurs & small business owners; innovative idea generators that are brave first but ultimate risk takers and adventurers. What a profound message that sends to the masses.  They have had the tenacity to go out on the limb ; believe in an idea or a garden full of them to nurture.

Huffington Post says this…our economy is being driven by small biz; and that is on the rise. Truth that 50% of the small businesses will face failure, but look at it from this angle; over a third of us living in the USA work for a company with less than 100 employees. This phenomena has created the customer connected evolution of engaging behavior, but of equal importance is that small businesses can far better keep pace with evolving customer needs and expectations. The mondo major corps cannot compete by adjusting on the dime or keep up anywhere near where agile small business can go to meet the uber fast changing customer need. They cannot turn corners without threat of stalling in beauracracy.  Turns out it is personal, we are human and it is affecting business; it’s not just about shareholder value. 

Lets talk about the failure part of Post research…is failure really failure? Or is it the evolution of learning. It could be a twighlight or rejuvenation….a chance to regroup, make things better or start over. It could be progressive change and not failure. Maybe we just need to be able to plant something new. Reconsider what we have done to someone in the past who has failed; criticism, demotion, humiliation. Not a good way to treat a risk taker. We need to celebrate evolution.

Critically consider this info….it is all worth contemplation. We need to take care of our innovators as collectively they are taking care of a nation.





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