The essential communication tool

Call it discussion, conversation or debate. Communication is the most fundamental, comprehensible and unpretentious tool that every individual uses thousands of times per day.

Yet we all struggle with communicating optimally. Communication never rightfully gets the attention or recognition it deserves. For example, we often do a half hearted attempt at getting our point across because we are under stress, in a hurry or just don’t have a stake in the game.

What if we were to educate ourselves or those we nurture and support the basics to a standard where we are communicating on common ground? What if we invested a few more moments in making sure that what we are processing in our minds gets delivered effectively? It really is as simple as that.

Using the following tool will connect people in a way where there will be useful conflict resolution, build relationships that were never existent before, problem solve due to discovery, and improve an unhealthy environment. This is tried and true, budget friendly with a time ROI that will astound. I have used, witnessed and I would like to think perfected this for best possible outcome.

Instructions to read, re-read and apply on Monday. 

For the targeted group or team, best results for a achieving consensus is a ceiling of 7; this isn’t always reality and is workable with a larger group. Ultimately don’t allow team size to deter from using the tool.

Evolution of a team will develop; until the team matures through their interaction, a leader or owner-entrepreneur, or a willing team member will need to take some administration responsibility. Ideally the tool is best used face to face; that isn’t reality however. Use it virtually by phone and if all you’ve got is text and IM make it work that way.

Schedule three 15 minute meetings over the course of a week extend the repeated  schedule out for 6 months; Monday, Wednesday, Friday is obvious but may not be practical. It may be a 24 hour business, and you need to get together at 3am.  If you are meeting face to face, meet anywhere that is going to promote the following of the two critical to the mission rules. You can meet on the lawn out front, the dishwashing room in a restaurant, a conference room, the pub, the break room. It doesn’t even always need to be at work.

Two rules MUST be followed for tool success:

1. Be consistent. A minimum of three 15 minute meet ups, no less (altering the plan, additions may evolve with mature team decision).

2. The meet ups must be made a top priority.

These rules may be a wake up call for some members of your start up group. It will become second nature if there are no exceptions allowed to the rule. Another benefit to this is self accountability for all involved.

The conversation will develop. The subject may be a flaming problem of the day and may be a vent session. The meet ups will develop into linked discussions and problem solving. You will witness relationships building, far less rumors and many questions will be answered collectively. Many questions will develop out of this process too; perfect. When questions happen, it means the group is engaging, thinking and the tool is working.


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