Never forget rule number fifteen

Because we are human, we will never have all the answers; there wil be no perfection nor will we stop making silly mistakes. There will be times when others will witness a foot lodged in our mouth and ridiculousness will be a houseguest where our intelligence lives.  The ego will need to take the back seat when stupidity insists on driving the Gremlin of shame.

We must make acceptance our reality. We work everyday in diverse environments where our common denominator is the fact that we are all part of the same human race.  The view changes when we look at the world through empathetic lenses. It is true that we do put our pants on the same way, and generally with a like goal in mind. Passing judgement is not a characteristic of the authentic individual.

For example, imagine getting on a lift/elevator with complete strangers and say a work colleague. For a moment picture everyone wearing the same biz logo polo shirt. You strike up a slightly funny maybe questionable brief conversation; you and your work friend are having a good laugh. Next you walk into the conference room to find that one of the unknown individuals from the elevator ends up being an executive who happens to have a rumored reputation comparable to cow pies.

If your whole focus becomes tangled up in a mass of nerves, guilt and an anticipated apocalypse because of the earlier elevator exchange, all the energy and momentum of the subject is wasted. The moral of this story, is don’t allow yourself to get into a downward spiral. The exec has had his/her ego bruised most likely many times, is critical of everyone around them, and he/she too has had many errors worthy of lessons learned. Acknowledge a misstep,  do your best to dismiss or quickly solve it; move on, move forward. Don’t give it permission to derail your own mission.

Work happier….

Rule number fifteen goes like this… ‘never take yourself too seriously’. Laugh it off; as laughter is the best organic medicine.

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