..a new roadmap through 2017

You are always one decision away from a difference in your life”

author unknown


2016 posed significant challenges and It generated epic change. Many events just simply painful. We lost many wonderful people, a nation experienced a tumultuous political divide, there was an increased amount of violent acts as we battled terrorism in multiple forms globally. What do you do with all of this?…and we must include the events we experienced on a more personal level. The frustrations seemed to never end  for me personally.

Consider this …if you are wanting  to sculpt your own plan for 2017, learning from 2016 is a critical element to the outcome.

Lessons learned; what was so significant that you gained useful wisdom throughout a particularly difficult year?  Tradition dictates we create resolutions for each passing year. What if we tried a little reflection, connecting the dots and the potential for growth if we explore the lessons learned from the personal and the more public experiences we’ve had all year?

The following are three of my epiphanies from 2016 :

What we have labeled and dismissed as mistakes, failures and blunders are really lifes lessons in a spectrum of colors; imagine a world where everything we do is limited to either black or white. 

I choose to view what is considered to be ‘failure’ not as what it suggests. I am dedicated to make the shift and challenging myself
to not think of it as a downer but to realize the learning evolution in failure instead.

Complacency takes us down the higway of mundane and stagnant; glass half empty or glass half full…..Or maybe neither…Have we become so fixed on routine day in, day out that we are simply living out of habit.

Instead of allowing ourselves to fall into the rut routine, challenge the status quo. Its simple; make it a habit to find the new angle, the new hues in every situation. The new ideas may be crazy and may or may not work; the bottom line is the challenge to go beyond the norm. Color outside the lines.;  there is a lot of fun and excitement in different. 

Expand the color palette

Challenging yourself to learn something new in a quest to make life better. Possibly going back to the classroom for challenging the cranium and to stay progressive to new methods. Learning happens everywhere. Find a something that gets you motivated to grow.

Epiphanies and creating a plan (going into this I know plans are always subject to change; approach it as a living thing) are  ways of challenging the status quo. The classic resolution list which we all know contains a lot of ‘ I will do this, this and this and lose 40 pounds’ …gets forgotten pretty quickly. Do you know where the 2016 resolution list is? Or what benefits you gained from it.

After you have identified the value in the bits of learned wisdom from the year, constructing a map for 2017 becomes a great thing to  create; capture the goals that you have been processing, add the changes you want to make  from lessons learned and stretch the imagination to your possibilities. Very important that you keep this map close and check in with it regularity. Review keeps your map alway present throughout the year.


We all know the meaning of insanity; doing  exactly the same things we have always done but expecting different results.


Wishing you the happiest of holidays and a vibrant new year ….




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