Your working world…

Well, what if there is no tomorrow? …There wasn’t one today” ..

 Bill Murray, Groundhog Day

Aside from inheriting millions, or winning the lottery (both of these are slim to none for the majority of us) we are most likely working for a living. Saving for the future and or the day when we can bid farewell to a classic work life is closer to the real story.

Ultimately many of us are working for retirement, squandering precious time. We are settling instead of seeking what matters,  compromising our selves instead of collaborating with our own universe.

Prior to reading on, toss the box in your mind ……..get rid of all your self imposed boundaries. 

Imagine someone has singled you out and asked the question ‘if you could create your own working world, what would it look like?’  When they ask you they don’t mean what model chair would you choose for sitting in 8 hours a day. (Not to imply that designing a workspace is off the table).

My very first thoughts on carte blanche, were daring to contemplate the thrill of waking up wanting to go and do the things that gave me the greatest satisfaction, motivation, sense of accomplishment; the excitement of doing what I really wanted to do, using my greatest gifts. It would fully use all of the education, skill and practice that I had the privilege of adding to my vitae over time.

Contemplate everything from when is reasonable for you to get up in the morning,  ideal schedule, work space to what will leave you everyday with that sense of awe, accomplishment and looking forward to tomorrow. Reality is earning a living. Reality is equally not having to be chained to that which makes us feel like we are on the miserable express or the Ground Hog Day commute. Create your own best value; you are a worthwhile investment.

They call it ‘career shifting’ ..its brave, its profound difference, its listening to your gut, heart and head. Example…TJ Campbell corporate investment banker…TJ was the ideal corporate exec. He had all the right stuff, experience education..except it was making him grossly unhappy, unsettled. He was not working with his greatest capabilities.

I  prefer spending my time exploring, seeking and acting on all my possibility rather then settling for that which is simply the means to retired living. Not easy to make change, but what are the impacts of not making change?

Work happier…….



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