Open the window

Don’t give it a second thought….because wherever you work, that space needs constant fresh air. It’s as vital as the need to keep up with the rapidity of technological change.

So why do we never give the human side of our workplaces the equal investments of our energy, intellect and time as we afford our tasks? All data related to people, team productivity and engagement is the very loud message that globally we are not making wise choices when it comes to the people of our organizations.  

We are not working to full capability, utilizing our own internal intellectual resources, practicing humanistic compassion to foster relationships or encouraging growth from happier employees per nearly every reliable piece of data being collected in the world today. 

I challenge you to do the research.  We are no longer focusing on the productivity of a workers’ 8 hours (minus the labor laws negotiated lunch break 30 min requirement plus two bathroom breaks) the standard 8am to 5pm routine workday.

A perfect example below; Fortune magazine is measuring and bringing data to the market place on the 50 most flexible companies to work for. Subjects like ‘job sharing’, ‘flexible work week schedules’, and  ‘phased retirement’. These are charateristics of changes that are going to impact employee morale and ones that appeal to the human side of all of us. Not only are these very attatractive benefits, but they send the message to the workforce that not only do they care, but they are listening with open minds to the needs of their own people. We are now fully engaged with  a new generation of workers and we must consider the impacts of outdated thinking.

A constant supply of fresh air, new ideas, compassionate leaders supporting with the promotion of equal practices and inclusion. These are all windows that will bring much needed results to the stagnant data from a discouraged and dispondent  workforce.

May your walls know joy; may each room know laughter and may every window open to great possibility”              Mary Ann Hershey

We can work happier...


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