serving the customer

Not to be confused in society and our market place today as customer service; at least we all know this in those common terms. What if we simply stop using the phrase ‘customer service’ when we are working with our potential, next or existing customers?

Contemplate what ‘serving the customer’ means…far more personal connection of a statement, and 180 difference degree in meaning. It is also progressive and implies a greater humanisitic sensitivity; proactive versus reactive.  It conjurs a mind visual image due to differences separating the kiosk-ish or call center; the one that shares the space with a complaint department in the brick and mortar store or the automated problem solving system hotline where being on hold is the norm.

Entrepreneur magazine has recently published an article that understandibly says customer metrics are the most important data a business can utilize, maintain and nurture. Ten clear reasons why building the lasting customer relationship is so vital to sustaining and growing healthy businesses.

Being proactive to needs, building bridges, and fostering authentic relationships is the support system that is needed. Know your customer, build the great relationship that creates the natural tendency to select your product or service over the others.

Another way to work happier.


A new work day..

a person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected’      



Welcome to the first blog post for workplace-renovation. I invite you to view the about tab to understand the direction and engage in discussion or pose questions regarding the content.

Which of of the following represents the nations employee engagement statistic from 2000 thru 1st quarter 2016?

1. 32% employees actively engaged in the workplace

2. 55% employees actively engaged in the workplace

3. 72% employees actively engaged in the workplace

Engagement is defined as being enthusiastic, passionate and invested in the outcome of a specific job or statement of work. An employee (leader, entrepreneur) who is engaged typically  enjoys the work, will work with others to help make decisions, is customer service oriented, suggests process improvements as well as maintains market progression research for its success.

I look forward to a journey to share tools, innovative ideas, debate and putting the puzzle pieces together in quest to support people in the growth/evolution of workplace cultures. Offering incremental skills to build high performing teams are critical keys to the workplace puzzle.