..theatrical performance or authenticity?

‘authenticity is letting go of should; be this, do this and the fake facades……just be you,’

author acw

With the sole purpose of getting ahead, I have seen employees go to great lengths to polish reputations, deliberately push buttons, self cultivate egos, perfect lying and ruthless climbing of the hierarchical ladder. Most in the working world have:

1. experienced

2. witnessed

3. participated

4. all of the above.

Theatrical performances in the workplace tell a complex story. Having a front row seat to many work related performances, doing my homework and research I’ve come to the following conclusions. There is far greater concern for earning more money, than for ones own health, well being and relationship connections to others.

Fundamental needs for ourselves and families are always first. Taking care of responsibility unquestionably the priority. However, in capitalist societies it is about material wealth, status, and the need to have and be better than the person to your right or left. Get more; money, attention, recognition, bigger office, and a much higher place on the org chart with an impressive complicated title. Win the race with the most.

So what does being authentic do for us?

Psychology Today defines authenticity as consciousness of oneself (Smerek, 2019). “Having the ability to look in the mirror and with truth/clarity of your values, share opinions and how you feel with others”.

As workplaces evolve the ability of its members that deliberately practice authenticity will grow with positive impacts to culture. One of the greatest benefits of an open environment is quality of its members communication.

The end result?

Greater knowledge of skill sets, compassion and understanding, deeper and more worthwhile conversations. Increased daily productivity and a balanced, healthier and happier place to be everyday….